Mod 1960s

Geoffrey Beene, c.1967

1966 Laroche #vintage #1960s #fashion #mod

Red and White Spot Mod Dress

RARE vintage collectible Retro Mod Op Art 1960s - 1970s plastic black and white boutique clothes coat Hanger Shop Display woman's head

STORE SALE Vintage 60s Atomic Op Art Pucci Era by GGMMVintageHome, $7.00

Sixties London

MOD Retro Orange Plastic Round Panasonic by foreverfawning on Etsy, $18.00


Tangee Many Mini Colours 1967

Scooter Dress Dropped Waist Mod Floral Mini by PastPiecesVintage, $45.00

Carnaby Street T-shirt - 1967

Make it out of slips - reminds me of Michelle Harder's My Fair Lady Dress that she made out of thrift store wedding dresses.

Twiggy Game by Milton Bradley 1967 by PhoenixFindsPA on Etsy, $40.00

hey luv! — Twiggy Pens by Scripto

Carnaby Street 60s Mod Faux Fur Hat Twiggy Jean by DallasVintage, $24.99

1967 Twiggy Fashion Tote by IZFunkyResale1 on Etsy, $79.98

1967 Yardley Slickers lipstick ad

1971....I would wear these.....

Jeans Date: late 1960s–early 1970s I had a pair very similar to these, tricked out with ribbons, beads and embroidery only on one leg. Groovy.