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Gardening Gloves with Claws: Honey Badger Gloves -- Tired of carrying around garden gloves *and* digging tools to do your gardening work? Y’all, you need to try these new clawed gloves – puts the digging tool right INTO the glove! And the best part? You feel a little bit like Wolverine when you’re out there doing your work. Hard...

✐ DAILY WEIRD PROMPT ✐ FIVE MORE MINUTES, MOM Write a story from the point of view of a character who wakes up covered in dirt. The catch? This character is inside an open grave. Double catch? This character supposedly ‘died’ several weeks back, and now someone is digging them out of their so-called ‘grave.’ Want to publish a story inspired by this prompt? Click here to read the guidelines~ ♥︎ And, if you’re looking for more writerly content, make sure to follow me:!

Titanium White is an opaque white, Zinc White is a transparent white. If you’re working with more transparent layers or very subtle shifts in tone, such as portraiture, Zinc white can be extremely useful on your palette. It can give you slight shifts in tone for more subtle mixes. However, when you’re first starting colour mixing or building up vibrant solid blocks of colour, it’s the wrong choice of white to use.

“You can live your whole life not realizing that what you’re looking for is right in front of you.” David Nicholls