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  • Alisa Laudicina

    Wax candy soda bottles.

  • Sandy Thaxton

    wax pop bottle candy

  • Kathy Groner

    wax bottle drinks ...childhood treat We actually went to the local grocery store and bought these for a penny each - thus "Penny Candy" was coined. Sad that today it is almost 2.00 for the same thing at a specialty store. Sickingly sweet liquid in a plastic bottle that you could then chew on after it was empty.

  • Jill Shope

    Wax bottle candy. We chewed the wax after drinking the juice!

  • Erin Jones

    wax bottle drinks - realizing most of my childhood memories are of candy toys and bright colors!

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I remember how magical it was that the juice and milk disappeared...where did it go?!

  • Manda Doran

    The eye ...... yes is creepy..... i grew up in the 80's & remember thoses both and never liked them......

  • Kaylee Sanders

    The bottles are double layered, the liquid is in between the two layers and the actual bottle is empty. When you tip it upside down the very small about of liquid drains into the lid!

  • Jessica Seay


  • Angelina Doyle

    They're at the dollar store.

  • gjyste camaj

    Was it just me or did every kid try to twist the top open like childhood struggles

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Kool-Aid, we used to drink a lot of this as children. But now kids like to use it to color their hair... Lol

Grandma had these.

The BEST cokes were the ones in the little green bottles! :)

I always wished they would just make an all-Cola package of Bottle Caps....I still do actually. #80s #Candy

corduroy gauchos! -- I had a very similar pair and adored them (I was in 4th grade).

Daisys, Whistles and Bugles! Beautiful Mid-Century design work on these boxes

  • Jeanann Grewe

    I remember Bugles and Whistles, but I don't think we ever had Daisys.

  • Desi McKinnon

    i've been loving watching the characters on mad men chow on bugles. when i was a kid this was the go to sunday school snack.

  • Barb Schmitt

    I remember our box of Bugles was on the fridge so I'd have to climb on a chair to get some.

  • Regions Trauma

    God I hated Bugles. I can't believe they still make them!

  • Linda Leitner

    They left out Flings. They were my very favorite, out about that same time.

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Childhood Drinks...i still drinks these when i take them from my 9 year old brother. lol they are so good

So remember wearing these and having to call my mom or dad to constantly tie the straps.

  • Tami Keller

    I think you had this exact outfit Kelli

  • GH

    I can see you in that in the sand on the beach eating lays chips! Ha

Candy Wax Bottles...use to love these things, but i might throw up if i had one now haha

Remember the library "check out" card? If you've even been IN a library lately - it's all scanned. But - really - doesn't everyone do this via Kindle now?

  • 🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘

    This are still the library cards at my school. We also stil have those TVs that are on those stands that roll around. XD

  • 🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘

    Now that I think about it the little kids still use those little skateboard things too XD

  • Patty Thompson

    As a retired library paraprofessional, I can tell you that soooo much literature & reference works are NOT available digitally. We all ought to enable libraries survival!

  • Crystal Julian

    I thought is was so cool to see if someone I knew had read the same book I did.. The knowledge of that should be reserved..