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  • Sheena Mannington

    Dollar store vases, branches, water, and floating candles. Centerpieces??

  • Stacey Adie

    Dollar store vases, branches, water, and floating candles. perfect center pieces

  • Cathy McCallum

    Cheap and easy table decorations - Dollar store vases, branches, water, and floating candles. me like!

  • X Xu

    Wedding Decorations, Branch Floating Candle Centerpieces: centerpiece ideas for weddings

  • The Sireno Group

    Branches in water... what a simple but pretty thing to do. Put 3 different sizes on one table for a beautiful center piece!

  • Katy Carroll

    Centro Garden Water Candle How–to The twigs were gathered from the wild (or from our stock) and selected for their colour and interesting form. We then cut them to the height desired to fit within the vase (vessel). The vessels were were selected for appropriate scale to where they sit – tall for big rooms, short for elevated surface, seating areas and small rooms. Tie pieces of tumbled glass or rocks to the twigs using metallic craft wire which can be purchased at or most craft and hardware stores (or again from Centro) — wind the wire snugly around the glass crisscrossing as you go. No need to do too much, little goes a long way and is more elegant. The glass should be tied to the top side of the branches, especially in the notches or intersections, so as to appear to have been caught in free-fall. Once the branch has enough glass attached to suit you, lower the branch or a couple into the vessel. The twig has a fairly neutral buoyancy and takes little to weight it heavier than water. Next, slowly fill the vessel to a level above the twigs and below the lip of the vase to allow for the floating candle. Carefully place the “floating candle” on top of the water, which can be purchased at candle craft stores and away you go! Enjoy!

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What a wonderful warm "glow" of candles! They sure can set the mood and give this monochromatic setting a cozy feeling.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. - Albert Einstein

❀ A candle for the memory of my Mom and Dad, forever in my heart. xox ~~

I love this glasses, candles, roses..........and ta da....a centerpiece!

floating candles :) Distilled water + fake flowers + dollar store vases. I really like this idea! If anyone tries this, let me know how it works!

simple and elegant mirrored centerpiece...mix and match with hydrangeas and lilies

There will never be a dark spot in my heart as long as you are there, stay with me Mom and Dad, please. I still need you. xox

I like the blend of the earthy base from the tree with the ethereal addition of the crystals and candles

Candlesticks with glass & tealights ~

Lavender tied around a lit votive glass; bet it would smell heavenly.

Using the square vases at the hotel, putting either blue or white-ish stones in the bottoms, a fake sunflower in water, and floating candle on top. Just a few for the head table or cake table or somewhere :)