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Delany Sisters , Daughters of emancipated slaves, Sadie (1889-1999) and Bessie (1891-1995) were civil rights activists. Sadie was the first African American woman to teach Domestic Science and Bessie the second to be granted a dentistry license in NY state.

In Bactria, Alexander established the cities Ai-Khanoum and Begram and an administration that were to last more than 2 centuries under the Seleucids and the Greco-Bactrians, all the time in direct contact with Indian territory. The Greeks sent ambassadors to the court of the Mauryan empire. When the Mauryan empire was toppled by the Sungas around 180 BCE, the Greco-Bactrians expanded into India, where they established the Indo-Greek kingdom, under which Buddhism was able to flourish.

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Night on Earth (1991)

Night on Earth (1991)An anthology of 5 different cab drivers in 5 American and European cities and their remarkable fares on the same eventful night.

The military selected Tuskegee Institute to train pilots because of its commitment to aeronautical training. Tuskegee had the facilities, and engineering and technical instructors, as well as a climate for year round flying. The first Civilian Pilot Training Program students completed their instruction in May 1940. The Tuskegee program was then expanded and became the center for African-American aviation during World War II.

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The Lighthouse Encyclopedia, 2nd

Thoroughly updated and expanded with even more information on the world’s lighthouses, The Lighthouse Encyclopedia is the definitive reference on these maritime beacons and coastal icons. A wealth of

"The Negro Motorist's Green Book" helped African American families on road trips avoid the dangers of Jim Crow segregation, which meant they couldn't pull into any roadside motel, re-fuel at any gas station, or eat at any restaurant.