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Farmboy Builds Working LEGO Replicas of Harvesting Equipment

Warren Seely could well be the next Tony Stark. He's a mechanical genius, having rebuilt his first engine at the tender age of six. And since age 12, he's been building LEGO replica's of the heavy machinery used on his family's mint farm. Every LEGO build runs and works just like its larger version—...

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Lego this should be a challenge on #hgtv #designstar. Make a room and decorate it using only lego's (and possibly dollhouse furniture- some of the modern pieces are pretty cool)

Lego Magazine ad from the year 1981. Old Lego ads I found on the back of some Decorating and Craft Idea magazines. I obviously did NOT make these and The Lego Company has the rights to these images.

I would love to make a Lego dream home, this would be an awesome bathroom

⌨ Legos ⌨. think we'll just display this picture!

moods by LEGO face... Use in conjunction with How does your engine run? or as part of another program to help students identify their arousal state.

Now I'm thinking about school AAAAAAAUGH I HAVE TO MAKE SURE I REMEMBER EVERYTHING! Uh... Okee I do.

I'm inspired to get some kind of cool container (rather than the Lego ones) to attach to the wall with the Lego plate above in the boys' room! They could do some creative stuff--and the Legos would be off the floor! Pfst, who am I kidding, they'd still be on the floor....

I need to make some of these shirts for the boys...