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  • Stacey Hard

    Check out this funny photo of a supermarket that's selling Trojan condoms next to the baby food, on!

  • Old Mother Tucker

    Which would you rather buy? From “Random and Funny Pictures" #condoms #baby

  • Ronald Flemke

    Great marketing strategy.

  • Scarlett Crona

    It's kinda late when you're buying baby food! #funny commercial ads #interesting ads #funny commercial #funny ads #commercial ads|

  • Mallory Allison

    Placing condoms near the baby food will allow parents to see the condoms to avoid having another baby. Funny product placement. (Ch. 16: Product Placement)

  • Adrianne M

    Baaah Oh grocery stores

  • Anna ( Lala ) Demaree

    Clever product placement. Suddenly the light went on during a midnight shopping run for more baby stuff. LOL

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