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    • Samantha Sund

      90s KID. Even though I didn't grow up in the 90s

    • Arienya Etoile

      90s KID (I wasn't actually born in the 90s but this is all so true to me!)

    • Kilmer Merritt-Gawe

      I'm a 90s kid #90skid #simplicity #1990s

    • Liz Siegler

      I'm a 90s kid: I miss being able to watch good TV shows, I miss Full House, Saved By the Bell, & Blossom. I miss Are You Afraid of the Dark, & Bug Juice. I miss Hey Arnold, Recess, & Doug. I miss dancing to Spice Girls and Hanson. I miss my tamagotchi, gigapet, & nano. I miss playing tag, and red light green light. I miss playing "eeny-meeny-miney-moe." I miss reading Goosebumps and Nancy Drew. I miss my Beanie Babies. But most of all I miss the simplicity. ~ Nothing personal

    • Shannon Simmons

      I'm not a 90 s kid but I remember watching these... Well tecnectly I am a 90 s kid but 2 young to remember this n the 90 s

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