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  • Geoff Dudgeon

    Belkin Snap Shield Secure Smart Cover Case. Hope it fits my new iPad :)

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Ferrari announced that the FF, its all-wheel drive, four-seat hatchback, will have iPad Minis installed in the headrests as part of a new rear-seat entertainment package. The pair of tablets are standard on all 2013 FFs going forward – a nice addition considering the FF’s $295,000 base price.

iPad docking station at


Belkin Snap Shield Secure Smart Cover Case. Hope it fits my new iPad :)

The Cosmonaut is a cool iPad stylus by Studio Neat that's designed to emulate the feel of a whiteboard marker. Can't wait for mine to arrive!

Super useful shortcuts for iPhone system prefs: "I hate how tucked away all the settings are (like wifi, bluetooth, etc). Here is a simple site I made to make accessing those settings items a bit quicker." by Jeff Broderick. Also check out

How to spot a hidden iPad: Based on the "How to spot a handgun", one of Tufte's favorites.

With over-the-air video streaming, Apple TV is now a must-have iPad accessory.

The new Xfinity remote looks as awesome as Comcast is terrible. See schedules, program your DVR, search for on-demand programming, and control your cable box from your iPad.

RP A beautiful felt iPad case from the talented folks at Byrde & Belle. Also superb pinners :) $48

Smule's Magic Fiddle for iPad.

Ipad DJ Station. Wow.

Moleskine Folio Digital Tablet Cover, via Designmilk. Awesome.

PadFoot: A VERY compact iPad stand (via Gizmodo)

Flud: A good-looking RSS reader for iPad.

Makr Multi-Use Pocket (via Uncrate): prefect size for Kindle or iPad

Fossil Dayton Tablet Cover

Fossil Faux Vintage iPad Case

My guitar skills are beyond rusty, but I'm a sucker for badass user interfaces.

Hulger - iPad Handset: A beautiful wooden handset for your iPad calling needs

Freitag iPad Sleeves: Made from truck tarps. Could be a great gift for the iPad owning men in your life, though, I wouldn't mind one for myself.

Dodocase iPad Case: There are a lot of book-styled iPad cases, but this is the first I've seen that looks practical for quick-access use (e.g. on the metro)

Louis Vuitton iPad Case

Amazon Kindle for iPad: I don't miss my Kindle DX even a little.

Netflix for iPad: Works as advertised. Which is amazing.