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I saw this picture and right as I did I started to get the hair on end feeling of you coming here, right on the side of my neck, I can feel... something

from POPSUGAR Smart Living

Jump Into a Pool Full of Jello

Actually, don't do this unless you want to scrub jello out of every orfice and body fold you have. Additional: other countries see us doing shit like this and wonder why Americans waste so damn much food all the time ever.

INSPIRE L' AMOUR: Our hope and desire is to inspire daily things about life. We want to share about how to overcome daily struggles, we want to share quotes that are happy, give uplifting advice and of course share the things that are funny in life. Dance like no one is watching . . . .

Sex: Can boys really avoid attachment? Are girls unable to detach themselves and make it an entirely physical act? via @Holley Roberts Campus