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14 Best Love Quotes of All Time

I believe in destiny and soul mates. I believe that two people who meet randomly and connect very well is not just a coincidence. It could be, but down the line you will know because it doesn't work out. But if it works, I believe it's meant to be. Trust that everything has its perfect time, and no one will understand it but the two people who experience and live it.

be with someone who can't stay mad at you, who can't stand not talking to you, who is scared to lose you.

You never forget that rush of talking to the one you know you'll fall in love with one day...i still feel it...only difference is you know i love you...

The only guy who deserves you, is the one who thinks he doesn't. Mon amour, we deserve each other..

It was 2 years ago today that I fell in love with you. Just hanging out with you in the garage and listening to music. Looking at ur smile and knowing how amazing you are.