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  • Monica Tully

    Corgi! It's embroidery, not cross stitch, but it'll do

  • Madge Face

    Why hadn't I seen this before today? I dunno, though I bet not all corgis long for stilts. This also made me think of a friend & her corgi; maybe she'd like this? Maybe I could DIY it (or something similar)? Also: the text that I can type in for a pin may (or may not) be too long. Certainly longer than a tweet, shorter than a short story (or is it?). Look, Ma! I still have 102 characters left!

  • Wendy Ravenelle

    Cute Corgi quote.

  • Kaleb Tillman

    Funny!#cute baby Animals #Baby Animals|

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Corgi with friend. I became acquainted with corgis because my friend, Camille, saw them quite a lot at the barn where she kept her thoroughbred horse. She sang their praises, assuring me they are "big" dogs (my preference) in small bodies (my husband's preference). This reminds me of both my love of my corgis, as well as my love of my friend.

33 Photos of Corgi Butts via Elissa, also: "Corgi butts in Japan are called “momo” because they resemble peaches."

As soon as i get my corgi prepare for tons of random pictures!!!! :)