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  • Brewster Home Fashions

    An ethereal and meditative celebration of the sky, the infinity mural has a calming effect. In classy black and white this wall mural is a beautiful photographic homage to the concept of eternity. #wallpaper #mural

  • Kathlyn DeFreece

    Black and White Photography, Prints and Posters at

  • Ann Briggs

    Infinity Bridge by Gary Faye

  • Brandi Campbell

    Gary Faye Infinity Dock on Water Photo Mini Mural Huge Poster Art Print Wall Mural

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Innocent child black and white photography flickr... would be cute to get a pic of a little kid sayingtheir prayers.

Etrusia UK · Black and White Photography

Picture 1 - Along the Bermuda Coast Line Picture 2 - Portofino, Italy Picture 6 - "Gem of the Rockies" Ouray Colorado Picture 7 - Malaysia Picture 9 - Mount Roraima

Big Ben from the south side of the Thames in London • photo: Trey Ratcliff on stuckincustoms

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blanc | white | bianco | 白 | belyj | gwyn | color | texture | form |

Clouds are white for the same reason as ice. They are composed of water droplets or ice crystals mixed with air, very little light that strikes them is absorbed, and most of the light is scattered, appearing to the eye as white. Shadows of other clouds above can make clouds look gray, and some clouds have their own shadow on the bottom of the cloud.

a screen door to the sea from cabin, Captain Jack’s Wharf,- Photo: Wendy Goodman

silhouette // photography // black and white

Victoria Erickson : "Show me how to be brave. How to be made of still and steady ground instead of waves, or rocks instead of fire, and flickering, dying flame. How to walk in the storm and not be swallowed by wind, or how to breathe when your throat feels as though it’s rapidly tightening, and closing in. ..........