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    This kitten looks like he's a headband for the golden retriever! :) So cute! I love animals!

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Inmate Mark Lee holds his cat in a day room at Larch Prison in Yacolt, Wash. The group of South Korean college students visited the prison to learn about its cats-and-inmates program so they can create a similar program in youth detention centers in South Korea.

Calico kitty 'Bella' named official cat of the Alamo

Cats in hats

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Decoy keyboard, very smart.

Proceed with butt wiggle


Why is a veterinary wellness exam for your pet so important? Our pets can't tell us how they are feeling, and many (especially cats) can hide symptoms of illness until a condition becomes serious. Finding illness and disease earlier through regular veterinary exams can help your pet live a longer and healthier life, and can save you money on treatment in the long run.

Kitties Purrcival and Penelope are showing their twelfie spirit with a custom-designed and decorated catio space that reflects the passion of their owner, a longtime Seahawks fan who will be in Arizona on Sunday for his first Super Bowl.


The Healing Power of Cat Purrrrs

Never do this...nope, nuhuh. ;-)

Waiting... and waiting... and... waiting!

26 Hacks That Will Make a Cat Owner’s Life Easier.

"I look good." Yes, you do!

Avoiding the annual exam could put a cat's health at risk and may prolong pain that you may not even be aware that she's experiencing. --That's my Daisy, getting her exam! Please don't avoid the exam. Call your DVM today. It's the only way we found out Daisy had resorptive lesions that were likely causing her pain when she ate, as well as early stage kidney disease, which can be addressed with a diet change.

Why do cats scratch and what can be done to encourage appropriate scratching? This video by OVMA member Dr. Scott Shaw answers these questions.

Population 6. And a cat.

Sign here.

Roxy knows she's allowed on the barstool, and not the counter. Roxy also likes to test her limits. (Cat behavior at its finest!)


Cats....not available on the App Store

Pet of all shapes and sizes were getting into the fun at the annual Silverton Kiwanis Pet Parade on Saturday, May 17, 2014.

The Eleventh Doctor, Doctor Who.