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Explore the galaxy - Star Trek Print. $20.00, via Etsy.

These are not in the exact order I would have chosen from most plausible to least plausible...but still it's amazing how much the science of Star Trek parallels elements of our own science!

Dr. Spock & Captain Kirk hold a sign:...'can we stop killing on this planet'? Well, can we???

".... If we cannot learn to actually enjoy those small differences, to take a positive delight in those small differences between our own kind, here on this planet, then we do not deserve to go out into space and meet the diversity that is almost certainly out there.”

Sci-Five! I am not even a big Star Trek fan but this is the greatest thing ever!

Star Trek pendants... Be warned if you get the red one...

Patron Saints of Sci-Fi Heroines. I love this!

:O I don't know why I chuckled. I guess I looked at the chicken.

Enterprise X files I Want to Believe Poster by Rabittooth.devian... on deviantART #startrek

Star Wars VS Star Trek (Infographic ) We All Know Spock would get Force Blasted b4 he could get close enough to "Pinch" ; ]