A swing is a beautiful thing.


The most perfect moment in childhood... the deepest puddle youve ever stomped in but not deep enough for you to sink all the way to China and a mother who will actually tell you to and jump in it!. Thats heaven to a child! ...Carol

There are few things that symbolize the innocence of childhood the way a teddy bear does. A stuffed companion who is as real to a 2-year-old as anything ma

I need a shot like this for summer

Would love to capture a shot like this!!


total perfection

sandy feet



#Toddler Photography. Love this perspective: Now if only I can remember this when at the park!

What a sweet pic of two young #girls swinging on a #swing.


This would be an adorable idea for an engagement shoot!

kid photography

a photo like this of each of my girls in every season ; )

Photograph Invisible by Laura Williams on 500px

an adorable shot of an adorable girl!