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Google testing heads-up display glasses in public, won't make you look like Robocop

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All-in-one virtual info goggles to replace all your office gizmos in the future

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This Amazing 3-D Desktop Was Born at Microsoft

Hearing impaired people may not necessarily face more severe problems than visually impaired individuals, but their situation is as bad as any. Imagine living in a world where you aren't able to hear your mother's voice waking you up in the morning or the

JOJO POST TECH GATE: Do you always wanted a tatoo, but You'r such a wuss. Apparently you can have a new one everyday with this awesome gadget!

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Eco shocker: Turbine Light concept uses wind to light highways

Bionic Contact Lenses. The technology was trialled at the University of Washington in Seattle, and currently they’re safe and feasible, but lacking a good power source and only have a single-pixel display. But give it a few years.