baby tiger

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baby tiger

big-catsss: “ Knowsley Safari Park 14/10/11 by Dave learns his Dig SLR? on Flickr. ”

Adorable Halloween kitten


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Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy <3

The sweetest little tigerfluff in the world. #cute baby Animals #Baby Animals|

Hug a baby elephant today! (If possible)


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So sweet. Love horses.

The good thing about animals having babies in captivity is the contentment they get from it. You can plainly see the pleasure that mother Tiger has in her beautiful face.

Would you rather have a beautiful hat or pair of mittens made from your cat's hair rather than just dumping all the hair in the trash every time you brush your pet? In a few simple steps, you can create yarn from your cat's hair that can be used for knitting, crocheting, weaving or other crafts. With some basic knowledge of spinning on a spindle or...

phototoartguy: Tree Swallows Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge | Flickr - Photo Sharing! @Tony Gebely by jeremyjonkman

baby jaguar,don't wanna end up like one of those ppl from fatal attractions tho lol so one of my dream pets

Love <3

It is SO humorous to see the giant cats like this mother tiger acting just like our little house cats do. And this baby tiger cub doesn't seem delighted by his hard licking bath. -DdO:) - - Notice that the cub is almost white in this cute photo pin via Gab.


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