Make a "first year" quilt out of onesies and outfits that are otherwise unusable that your baby wore their first year. I included pieces of each child's hospital blanket.

Craftastical!: Tutorial: A Baby Clothes Quilt from start to finish. I want to make the girls each a blanket out of their onesies and shirts!

First Year Quilts | how fun!! This would be so neat for them to have with all the little outfits they wore their first year of life!:'( Tooo cute!!

The baby outfits you can't part with and are put away into tubs made into a quilt... What an adorable thing for Mommy, and a great memory to share with each child when they're older!

Quilt made from onesies from his first year!

First year quilt made from baby clothes, hats, and bibs

Baby's hospital bracelet and hat in ornament.

Quilt made out of onesies from baby's first year.

Starting at age 3, every year on their birthday you ask the same questions and see how their answers change over the years!

diy cardigan onesies...shortcut tutorial.

CPR on a Child and a Baby. Re-read every 3 months.

The book is made out of old clothes and teaches a child how to use zippers, buttons, snaps, and hooks on clothing.

How to make a ruffle-butt onesie...

baby clothes quilt

First Year Quilts, using bibs, onesies, etc Want to make one of these!

Make each child a book of their quotes.

Baby shadowbox with coming home outfit and birth announcement. I think I'm going to do this for all four!

want to follow this in years to come

The stepping stone idea is cute, or you can just make individual ones to use as great gifts for grandparents and other loved ones, not to mention yourself! If you have two children, make a bigger one with one footprint from each child. You can even do this with your little one’s hand print as well. Time goes by so fast – you want to capture every little moment!

Make one for each child and then add hanging folders that say "Pre-K through 12th grade" save things that come home during each school year (report cards, drawings, certificates, good grades, etc.) Love this idea