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Nursing Humor Always seemed to happen after pulling 6-7 midnights... So TRUE!!!

This is when you KNOW you work the night shift!

glad to be on the 1-1 shift. one week of 7-7 and i forgot what the sun looked like.

Omg yes, or the neighbor's bumping their music, stomping like giants, or the neighbor's chain saw! Ugh! Shut up!

At least we are on hyper at 3am... When everything is funny

Day-Shift-Vs-Night-Shift - except dayshift here is more like take-out (something other than dominos or mc d's)

  • Emma Grace

    I's that poop in the bottom corner of the first picture?

Night shift woes

Loved the years I worked the night shift BUT I am much more alert now!

Welcome to the dark side... Where all the fun shit happens.

LoL...every resident & attending should be required to have this as a standing order for every patient!

When I worked nights I used to start drinking coffee around 5 AM to get through report, charting and driving home... oh, those days...