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herringbone knit stitch. i never have time to knit, but just watched a tutorial on this stitch and I'm thinking I need to make time for knitting so I can have a herringbone knit scarf!

#Knitting_Stitch - "This Beautiful Trellis Stitch would be gorgeous for a winter scarf or sweater and although there are 8 rows to the pattern there are really only 4 rows with a change at the beginning to alternate the trellis Simple really!" comment via #KnittingGuru

HENRY Knit scarf, Knitty: A subtle slip-stitch herringbone pattern on a stockinette background creates a beautiful fabric that appears woven rather than knit, while the lengthwise set-up of the scarf differs from the usual bottom-to-top knit-purl shawl construction.

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