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Hockeyyyy!!! Haha! Me during hockey season, no joke! It's best to talk to me during commericals lol

I'm too exhausted from watching overtime playoff hockey to describe how exciting the overtime playoff hockey game was.

I judge you based on your hockey team preference. Download the ScoreStream app to follow your favorite teams, score games, and post photos. Post game updates via Twitter, Facebook, SMS or via the ScoreStream website to share with friends and family! Follow us and

I deeply apologize that hockey games take unwavering precedence over our well-tenured friendship.

Once you get into hockey, all other sports suck.

Oh, you want to hang out? It's the playoffs. Unless you're a silver cup and your name is Stanley, I want nothing to do with you.

Hockey. The only professional sport where you have to sit in time out for 2 minutes for not playing nice with others.

No soliciting wood sign. Our son plays hockey we are too broke to buy anything. Hockey mom. by allstickeredup, $20.00

So true. Hockey is a very physical game and emotions run high. If a player is frustrated by the way the game is going, its better for him to get his frustrations out by fighting a willing opponent rather than making a dirty hit on another player and risking serious injury. People who don't know hockey shouldn't be allowed to voice their opinions on how the game is played.

True! (How male soccer players block shots that it...female players are usually tougher ;P just sayin.)