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  • Jan Mayo

    Lucky to have beautiful friends. Favorite Doctor Who quote by Amy Pond! Makes me think of David Tennant. My aunt doesn't think he's hot, but it's not his face that makes him hot, it's the way he acts that makes him hot. And it just grows on you, so even when he's himself, you have to fan yourself.

  • Cassie Leigh

    'rory is the most beautiful man i've ever met.' -amy pond, 'the girl who waited.' #DoctorWho One of my favorite quotes. <3

  • Kimberly Pitt

    Doctor Who quote, so true

  • Sarah Dezso

    love this Doctor Who quote ~ Amelia Pond~

  • Allison Moore

    My favorite quote. So true and so inspiring. Great site full of Dr. Who quotes.

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