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Soft-Ride Boots….Love these and they work miracles!!!

Soft ride boots. A lifesaver for long travels or if you have to stand your horse on hard surfaces

Riding quote .I have watched horse and rider from the rail at a show. The horse seems to know they are in the lime light. You can see it in his posture and his eye. He reacts to the applause. Don't stress him out by being too controlling in the saddle or with your reins. Relax.. He will sense your nervousness.

a beautiful thing it is to be in the saddle and feel the leather and a horse beneath you as one

Side Saddle by Jennifer O'Sullivan, via Flickr || BW English saddle stirrup iron and field boots

❤ Cowgirl resting after a ride

Ok, yes . . . sometimes we do wear boots and spurs, but not to the opera, the ballet or Old Warsaw restaurant.

Story of my life! My addiction... and the horse always gets new boots first LOL

most will never know the joy that come to you after working a day like this Photographer: Heather Kelly

I like this storage set up, cubby for boots, shelf for helmets, drawers for gloves, hairnets etc

Professionals Choice VenTECH Elite Boots Purple