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Don’t let the heart that didn’t love you, keep you…

Those who have pretended to love you ONLY because of what they could get from you!! My love is real, to guard your mind, body, and soul! J&C

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50+ Inspirational Smile Quotes

Anyone can make you smile, many people can make you cry, but it takes someone really special to make you smile with tears in your eyes.

#quotes #sayings because of you no one is lucky to have me

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there are days…

This seems true for some of the last two years... Let's hope it continues to be...

me and my sister in law both need to hear this!!! I hope she knows that no matter what I love her and I will always be there for her no matter what happens this is not what we have planned but we will make it through the tough times!!

I've accepted that the people who hurt me feel bad about what they did, but they ruined my daughter's wedding for me and they still haven't said one word to me. They've told everyone else what asses they were though.

Art and Designfrom Art and Design

20+ Inspirational Quotes About Moving on

Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better.

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Friendship + FREE Printable

I just want friendship.. We have something so special and both be through so much. I won't make u feel uncomfortable. I just want to hold u and we need each other once in a while... I want to feel the kicks:(...please

The best thing...even being pregnant( which is a blessing) people around us have shown their TRUE colors...people you'd think would care, seem to forget you...and people you least expect it from are the ones spoiling me!!

I really have tried to do the right things. With you everything feels place. Its taken so many years to find the one person that makes me feel whole. I'm crazy about you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!