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Honey Butter Lotion: 2.8 oz combined oils (shea, cocoa butter, apricot, almond and olive), 1.5 oz coconut oil, .5 oz beeswax, .7 oz of raw honey. Melt it on low. Tried it, and it's divine! I added beeswax and ascorbic acid.

homemade lotion - yes really homemade and not that semi-homemade stuff I keep seeing all over pinterest

This is described as The Best Lotion Ever! Tried this, it's great. Used creamy vaseline in a tube. Use the amounts shown in pic, whip with hand mixer. Vitamin E lotion at Walmart on bottom shelf (almost hidden!).

Sounds like a lotion that would work. So easy to make. Just mix and whip and your done.

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Handmade Hand Lotion - I heard from a good source that when you use water in DIY creams they need to be refrigerated. The water can bread Bacteria.

How to Make Tea Tree Body Lotion (ingredients: tea tree oil, extra virgin olive oil, distilled water, liquid lecithin)

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