I usually do things (like stitching) without consulting anyone or anything, then frantically Google for help once it all falls apart. But in case my personality changes, I though I'd keep this close by.

All the embroidery stitch tutorials one would ever need. For example, the stem stitch which continues to elude me.

Hand Embroidery Lettering and Text Tutorials on www.needlenthread.com

oh for pete's sake...NOW i know why my stem stitch never looks right! great tutorial.

Nice tutorial on how to transfer a design for embroidery, from Ella's Craft Creations.

How to embroider words

Love the way these stitched letters look!

Stitch your own handwriting.

tutorial for stitching cursive

Sweet Scoop Neck Embroidery Sleeveless Short Blouse For Women Vintage Blouses | RoseGal.com Mobile

Beginning embroidery

Broderie végétale

Tutorial for different blanket stitches

how to embroider

Technique & Tips - Red Work (Whole Site is AMAZING!!! Stitch guides by 'family', etc! VG)

A tutorial on hand stitching.

Embroidery stitches

Tutorial: How to Take In Pants

Hand Embroidery / Cursive Lettering Tutorial

Blue Embroidery Tank Top, stunningly beautiful.