felt flowers

How to Make Felt Flowers

Tuto pour des fleurs en feutre - Fun felt flower tutorial: felt folded in half, cut along the full length on the diagonal and then rolled up and glued together. Sounds pretty simple and looks great!

how to make felt flowers (these look like chrysanthemums)

How to Make Felt Flowers

Alternative fabrics could be jersey, spandex, vinyl, anything that doesnt fray much. Bow Dazzling Volunteers, add an alligator clip with a felt circle for a great hair or headband accessory.

Everyday Ebullience: diy: felt flowers!

Another Great Felt Flower DIY. Varying Styles, Shapes and Fabrics Creates A Very Cool Effect!

Felt Flowers

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DIY Tutorial Fabric Flowers / DIY how to make felt flowers (and a wreath idea) - Bead&Cord

Made some of these before and love them.. thought others would like too!

I can think of several uses for these little felts flowers in different sizes.