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A Kiss, Prairie Dogs, Hold Hands, First Kiss, The Kiss, True Love, Valentines Day, The Bride, Sweet Kiss

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Mother Gorilla Hugs Baby by Evan Animals on Flickr. "A mother gorilla gently hugs its 3 year old baby. One of the best things about watching the great apes is to capture a moment like this when they do something so human like."

Squirrel holding a peanut in its mouth. Today's dose of squirrel cuteness. #waitingforRedsandGrays

The look the first kitty is giving the bunny is too precious for words!

Oh my goodness... The bird won't use it we might as well stay warm.

Prairie dogs, a type of ground squirrel are considered a keystone species because they are the primary diet in prairie species such as the black-footed ferret, swift fox, golden eagle, American badger, and ferruginous hawk. Also, the mountain plover & the burrowing owl rely on prairie dog burrows for nesting areas. We need to remember even the smallest of creatures play an important role in the circle of life.

Today go out of your way to say hi to someone...You never know how a little hello can cheer someone up.

Pick a nut. Any nut . . .Hi Sugar Bush! It's me Annabelle! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I'm getting ready for Christmas now. My mom has a santa hat and collar she makes me wear...

♪♫♪♪ At first I was afraid, I was petrified...

squirrels. (KO) Cute little guys. Love their sweet little hands. Snacky time.