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A picture that will NEVER be taken again! The 10th Doctor and his companions.. L to R: Sarah Jane, Micky Smith, Jackie Tyler, Rose Tyler, The 10th Doctor, Martha Jones, Donna Nobel and Captain Jack Harkness

Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith) posted this to his instragram this morning with the following: My morning. A gift for #DrWho fans. You won't have seen this in a while. You're welcome.

I miss Ten, and I miss Rose, but not as much as I miss THEM. If you can understand that. They simply loved each other. And it was beautiful. Sigh.

Staal the not-quite-so-undefeated-anymore. Doctor Who. David Tennant. // That hair though.

The fact that his last words were, "I don't want to go!" just makes it so much worse. Ten's catchphrase was always "Allons-y!" (Let's go!) Maybe it was just his nature, running from one thing to the next with an unparalleled enthusiasm, but maybe- just maybe- it was his way of avoiding the end.

I always pay attention to people if they stop me. If you’re a 10-year-old and you meet Doctor Who and he isn’t nice to you, it would be a bit rubbish, wouldn’t it? - Matt Smith This is awesome.

I met so many people online that dont like 9 and the old Doctor Who and the new Doctor. I just have shame on you. You are not a real whovian.