3 Critical Tips to Pick the Right Target for Your Conference Sponsorship Pitch

How to Get a Blog Conference Sponsorship

How to Get a Blog Conference Sponsorship

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How to prepare for a blog conference

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Besides packing, here are five tips to prepare for a blog conference so it's not only fun, but productive!

I've been to TWELVE blog conferences and the Build Your Blog Conf three times, so I've become an expert on what to bring and how to meet people. I'm going to share my BEST packing tips for ANY type of conference. Don't miss it!

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271.2k700Bloggers, how you write a pitch can either get you a gig or be written off. Recently, my friend Whitney asked me to help her with her pitch letter. Below I am sharing with you what I shared with her. And the best part? It worked! I am glad that I asked Annie to help... Read More »

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