hands using a caulk gun on a tub

Amazingly easy trick to caulking. I am so trying this!!!

How To Replace Caulk in a Bathtub or Shower Using MildewFree - YouTube

How to easily fix MOLD that sits under the caulk in your bathtub...I wish I thought of this years ago!!!

How to Caulk a Bathtub - ..... a must read before you re-caulk your tub!

How to Remove Caulk. Old and pealing caulk or just a bad caulk job not only look bad but can allow water to seep behind tile and walls. We recommend maintaining caulk around tiles, tub & shower enclosures, sinks, toilets, and windowns to prevent water leak damage to adjacent furnishings. It's a simple DIY fix that can save you hundreds in repairs later!

{64 Important Numbers Every Homeowner Should Know}

Gotta Get One: Paint buddy by Rubbermaid ~ empty remainder can of paint into the paint buddy and touch up when ever you need to

hmmm. might need to do to sell the house in a few years...

Easy Tile Update {Tutorial}

I started doing this and will never stop! My tub shower are always spotless-so simple. Simple shower and tub cleaner: fill wand half and half. Wet surface and scrub. wow! leave in shower wash while you are already in there - This SO needs to be done in our bathroom.

Mini-Blinds to Roman Shades: Turn those ugly mini-blinds into custom fabric roman shades

man with booties on his shoes applies a coat of polyurethane finish on a wooden floor

Oranges burn like candles and smell nice! Who knew?

So Smart!

Don't have a projector and want to paint something on the wall? Just need a box, a lamp and tape.

3 (Top Secret) Tricks for Cleaning with Vinegar | Making Lemonade

How to Easily Clean an Iron..tested all the pinterest tips...Here's the BEST of the BEST!

Do you know how to turn off your main water supply in an emergency? We show you how. | Photo: Tetra Images/Alamy | thisoldhouse.com