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Bodyweight Exercises To Keep You young

Goodbye love handles

Start stretching today! This is an awesome way to start/end your day. An 80 year old once told me that the way he has stayed fit in his life is that he never stopped moving - always stretching, walking, or any low-impact exercise all the days of his life. #motivational right? #conveyawareness


daily workouts workouts

How to Stretch Your Lower Back and Hips. Best for people with crazy sciatic nerve pain....


If I can get an ass like that I'll repeat it 5 times!!!

fit fit fit

exercise plan: level one ♥ Ready For A Summer Bikini Body You Love ♥? Beat The Fat Loss Factor That Prevents Weight Loss NO Matter What You Do!

Muffin top exercises

This website is great! Lots of good tips

Do the Splits in a Week or Less

Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans! Fitness guru Amy Cotta shares the diet and exercise strategies she uses to stay in swimsuit-competition shape and help her clients slim down without fail.

10 arm exercises to get rid of arm jiggle

4 steps to get a better butt ~ losing weight and fitness...ok I still can't fully squat-but I will modify this!!!

Tips TO Lose Weight Fast And Easy

The 7-Minute Full-Body Workout That Really Works (It's Scientifically Proven!)