That's how it ends up...

i love this <3

Wish this list had been around twenty years ago, and eight years ago and three years ago...

.... And you treated me like dirt.

Everything I feel.

It's time to move are who and not what you portrayed yourself to be. I want a man with morals, truth, trust, faith, & respect..all of which you do not honor. I value myself enough to walk....

im done

Sometimes I look at quotes on Pinterest to find comfort in the fact that there are other people that are getting screwed just as much as I am. While I know its never a good thing, it feels good to know someone else can relate. Keep preaching

I tried

Exactly! ='(

Narcissists MO - idealize, devalue, discard... It doesn't do any good to ask why, you will never really know why. Just know that they are disordered and that they will repeat this pattern with every person they enter into a relationship with, despite what they want you to believe. They will never change.

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Just because we dont talk doesnt mean i dont think about you. im just trying to distance myself because i know i cant have you -wiz khalifa

Move on..

Exactly what im feeling right now

Well this applies perfectly.



hurts the worst