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stunning low back sparkling gown

When you’re hungover… | 22 Shirts That Explain Your Feelings So You Don't Have To Aethra Clark

Must: candles on the beach with the white lace draped at the doorways and staircase.

Bohemian Beach Wedding

11 Reasons We Want to Move Into This Tiny Beach House Immediately - Tyee Beach Camano Island Washington Real Estate

about time

Beautiful maxi Dress

Off Shoulder Maxi Dress - simple and chic


Finally, a huggably soft t-shirt that expresses a resolution we can all live with: "I just want to drink coffee, save animals & nap." Since your purchase of this product helps rescue animals, you can check that one off your list! The only question left is...another mug of coffee, or a nap?

Baby hamster with ring crown. i could just die. cuteness overload.

Funny Inspirational Quote PRINTABLE POSTER Typography by MofEHome

I think the most important aspect of this, is that the appreciation for the person is genuine :)

Throw me to the wolves . . .

Wisest Things Michael Scott Ever Said... He spoke wisdom about his theory of leadership...

There's always something positive in every situation, you just have to find it.

"Life is messy, and we're all a little screwed up in our own special snowflake kind of way" ~Mark Manson


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Omg aww

Lulu DK Tattoos -- for wedding? I think yes!

( 6 yr. old Stevie Wonder,a blind cat who loves to entertain himself by playing the piano ... He was found in a garden and vets are unsure whether his eyes were surgically removed or he was born without them. He was adopted by one of the staff who later noticed he really enjoys listening to and playing the piano, she says he presses on the keys because the sound helps connect him to the outside world.

elysian - a greek word meaning beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect. print available on etsy.