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Sign Up for Quizzes!! Such a great idea! Better than my original sign up sheet!

Student SELF-assessment. After they have written. Paste/stick to page. What to include?--(punctuation, title, capitalization, date, initials/name, .....???)

I am loving the little chair...I think I'll pick some up for my reading corner.

when students participate when no one else is or answer a challenging question they can get 'smart beads' to wear. they trade in smart beads at the end of the day for a little note that goes home to their parents! cute!

Math area and perimeter A game for 2 or 3 players. Each player chooses a colour pencil or texta they will use in the game. Players take turns rolling the dice, using the numbers that they rolled to draw the perimeter of a rectangle or square & writing the area in the middle of the shape. Game ends when players run out of room to draw. Winner is the player who has used the largest area/most squares.

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36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

Waagerecht und senkrecht

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Walking Tickets for Behavior Management

For those kids who need to be active at recess but need a consequence - interesting....Walking Tickets for Behavior Management

OMG...You better clear a few hours for this website. It's like a Pinterest of classroom setups. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!!!

All kinds of foldables!#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#