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Images from the last meeting

Below are the images shown in the last meeting on Mesmerism and Spiritualism that were not part of the previous spirit photography post. For those interested in the history of spirit photography th...
  • slithy tove

    spirit photography

  • Sue

    Top left image of Mary Todd Lincoln with her deceased husband, Abraham Lincoln.

  • Elizabeth Elmore

    William H. Mumler, United States, two pages from an album of 112 cartes de visite and cabinet cards 1870-75. Eight albumen silver prints 10 x 6 cm approx (each) 28 x 20.3 cm (album page). The College of Psychic Studies, London.

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William H. Mumler (Boston) Mrs. French of Boston with Spirit Son Albumen print carte de visite, circa 1868

ca. 1860’s, [carte de visite spirit portrait with Harry Gordon, first American medium credited with levitation], William Mumler via Photo_History, Flickr

“In Life How Fair, The End How Beautiful”, [memorial carte de visite], ca. 1860’s

Amazing photo of child and mother. Looks as though they could be in mourning, second stage, but it is rare to see children all in black.

Medium Ada Emma Deane, photographed by someone else, *still* has a spirit show up on film. Skeptics noticed that Deane required photographic plates be given to her in advance so that she could "pre-magnetise" them with her psychic powers, giving her the opportunity to tamper with them. Her defenders ( includeding Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) insisted that no trickery was involved. They argued that she was merely a simple cleaning lady who lacked the expertise to pull off such deception.

F. M. Parkes (England) "Mrs. Collins & Her Husband's Father, Recognized by Several." Albumen carte de visite, 2 x 3.8 inches 1875

1875 carte de visite. Visit this link for more information about the circumstances in which it was taken:

kinda like the ouija board the planchette is a psychic writing tool-i just like the image :)

"ca. 1861, “Mrs. Tinkman”, William Mumler via the J. Paul Getty Museum"

Post Mortem Photography: Baby Nugent by Antique Photo Album, via Flickr

William Hope Seance picture.. gave me the chills...stay away from the Ouija board....