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The only reason women are crazy is because men do stupid things to make us go crazy. No stupidity=no.

Par Avion Paddle Ball Set

#Alcohol. Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad. #TRUTH

When I say 'I'd like to talk', what I really mean is 'I'd like to completely blindside you and unleash weeks of pent up frustration and resentment until you understand my feelings.'

In this family we curse, drink, laugh, overshare, yell, hug, and tell inappropriate jokes. That's what family is for. .... Totally my house!!

I may seem quiet and reserved, but if you mess with those I love, I will open up a world of crazy that will make your scariest nightmares se.

I see your passive aggressive nonverbal communication and I am ignoring it. Bwahahahahahah !!! I should add this to my syllabus for SP 325 Nonverbal Communication!