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    Parents texting

    • Tina Danielle Swenor

      Funny Parents Text Messages the second one is my dad calling my sister "what are you doing?" "driving" "and talking on the phone ... without a seat belt" "how did you know?"

    • Erin Wood

      Funny Parents Text Messages. SO funny. I have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard.

    • Maggie Anderson

      Funny Parents Text Messages....... -_- its an asian smiley face because your so smart

    • michaela trevino

      Funny parent text messages literally just laughed my butt off reading these to my mom

    • Diana Mor

      Funny Parents Text messages - idk why, but these things make me laugh until I cry!!

    • Joanne Phipps

      Funny parent text messages... Excluding Chinese one, wetting myself laughing

    • Elizabeth Walsh

      Funny parent text messages. Had to repin because these made me laugh.

    • Amber Flint

      Funny Parents Text Messages. So funny I cried laughing.

    • Samantha Dimitt

      Funny text messages from Mom & Dad

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    Hilarious, it got me with "one does not simply text mr taco" haahhaaa





    I'm dying Best Parent Texts FAILS

    I made you.

    Wish my parents were that cool

    Hilarious parents.

    Untitled (I told my therapist about you) by Mike Monteiro

    Hahaha omg i died reading these lol

    I love texts from dog

    lol SO doing this next time someone asks PRICELESS

    Hahahaha....i would do the same thing. Nobody breaks up with me over text and gets away with it lol idiot

    What happens if you text your parents pretending to be a drug dealer? Some of these are pretty good

    HAHAHAHAHAHA this is probably one of the funniest things I've seen on here ever!!!! Actually laughing out loud. Worth reading.

    I was in tears from laughing at these!