tape by ak47 £580 from Robeys

The Designer tape is a slim steel construction that hangs on the wall, holding logs and wood effortlessly. When filled with wood the frame looks hidden giving the impression of floating wood.

From Shaker rounds to ricks, here's a primer on methods of stacking firewood for maximum seasoning.

The Science of Stacking Firewood - Modern Homesteading

The science of stacking fire wood. Arrange for proper air flow and drainage when stacking firewood. A peaked roof of overlapping splits, shingles, tarp, or plastic will do the job nicely. For my future wood stove

wood stove by the style files, via Flickr

Love this stove.be careful with too much fire wood in the house. Insects will hatch out in your warm homes and invest with all kinds of little critters.


Loft bedroom in natural colors and with an industrial window wall inside as a room divider.

15 firewood storage and creative firewood rack ideas for indoors and outdoors. Lots of great building tutorials and DIY-friendly inspirations! - A Piece Of Rainbow

15 Creative Firewood Rack and Storage Ideas - Page 2 of 2

Firewood Holder with wheels 19.5"W x 55"H x 21"Deep

The Industrial Log Holder by High Falls Mercantile is the item to buy this December! A part of High Falls Mercantile furniture collection, this piece is made to last generations.