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  • love

    a beautiful great white shark jumping up out of South Africa's "Ring of Death"

  • Ephraim Paucek

    Great white shark. Awesome #wild animals|

  • Helen V

    #great #white #shark #ocean #beautiful #photooftheday #love #nature

  • Tracie B

    great white shark- What a beautiful animal

  • Alana Tingley Ⓥ

    Great White Shark, South Africa. Happy shark week!

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Robert Longo’s charcoal drawings are so realistic that, if you have a fear of sharks, these might just give you nightmares. The New York-based artist depicts the menacing beasts with their mouths wide open and razor-sharp teeth pointing straight at us. You can really feel the immense power and threatening nature of the sharks, in this series he calls Perfect Gods.

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I love everything about this image - the arch of the shark, the soft grey on grey tones and the movement in the water.

great white shark in motion, Guadalupe Island, Mexico, by Jim Patterson

Isla del Coco - Whitetip Sharks by Bigeye Bubblefish [  Addict  ], via Flickr

This pic captures the moment, just before a shark breaks the surface tension of the water.

Great White :: Our travels support shark & wildlife conservation :: for more about traveling with us go to

Whale Shark feedin by OrigamiKid via Flickr

Great White: Dangerous yet majestic creature of the depths. Even SHARKS deserve respect as GOD's wonderful creatures.

Great White Shark...WOW!! I don't know whether this is simply amazing awesome or if I should be terrified...haha one thing for sure is I wouldn't want to see that if I was in near proximity of it, unless it was a pretty big boat I was in idk but it is magnificent creature of creation! I

Great white shark rising from the deep