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I want to own a shirt that says that about UT!!! Love ya mom!

This was my screensaver when I was stuck in a would take me to my happy place :D

Will have to def remember this....

not a longhorn but I'm DEFINITELY not an aggie. hahah

Hook'Em Horns! Amy Cooper Bethanne Bailey

Lindsey Thomas isnt this the BEST one ever? LOL

My ex-husband was an Aggie... The first time he met my Austin-living, UT-graduate-filled family was on Thanksgiving. It was HILARIOUS :-D

Sad but very true. Now the whole country makes fun of us bc the worst winter storm in our history struck during the week of the Superbowl this year. Poor Texas & stupid northerners :(

Texas Pride. Red Texas Barn in Nelson, Texas between Austin and Dallas.