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life's little instructions from a 95 year old

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Words to live by
Lifehackfrom Lifehack

An Econ Teacher Gave His Senior High School Students His Personal List Of Wisest Words

Econ Teacher

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High School Teacher

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Do It Anyway

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10 Ways to Love Questions about life/God? --> #bible #Scripture #God #Christ #Jesus #bibleverses

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24 Ways to Simplify Your Life

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Brene brown - this woman changed my life, or rather the way I look at life and certainly the way I want my children to look at life :)

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life quote


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This is absolute perfection...

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Perfect quote to get your students thinking about how to be kind to one another or say nothing at all

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Life isn't perfect



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#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#


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So true.

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People Come Into Your Life For A Reason

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Missing Him Hurts

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I M Moving

Exactly Moving


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Ann Landers....did she ever think that she'd be able to reach out to so many people?


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enjoy life!



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my life motto right now.