With the new sun I will start a new life with my love. It will be just as bright. Ivet H. P. (c)

Wildflowers. beautiful idea of forced perspective with the sun

beach photography

Summer's are all about getting golden and glowing tan skin and beach lazy days lol but the one thing you look sexy with a little bit of Camel or dark colors ;) embrace the natural glow <3

A beautiful view, a splash or mist, the sound of the waves and the feel of sun on your skin and scent of the ocean with the taste of the salt:)

"So many times we communicate gratitude, but don't stop to feel that gratitude fully. But gratitude feels good. And when we pause to feel it fully, we give ourselves a very powerful meditation ... for when we are in a state of gratitude, it is impossible to feel stressed, worried or distracted. Our hearts are open. And we are in ' flow'." Take a deep breath. Think of something (or someone) for which you feel grateful. It only takes a moment.

Blonde Girl On The Beach wallpaper


so pretttttty

I am a free spirit. Either admire me from the ground or fly with me....but don't ever try to cage me ✯

Beach Girls

Photography idea- next time we go to the beach do something like this with Preston, only make it more... fun.

BEST feeling ever.

Jana, is this you with extensions?


that moment when your at the beach and think: 'god, it's actually summer time!!'

time of day