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This could be for my woman cave :) my fridge with my little things i like that my husband doesn't eat before i can get to ;)

This is pretty awesome - indoor tent / chandelier "secret space" by somethings hiding in here, via Flickr

This looks like a tent erected indoors, but I've seen photos of similar setups actually done outside.

Ok, I know it's not really a gift but how cute would it be to surprise your boyfriend with an good old fort with some more grown up stuff inside it...

Glamping. It looks like the tent was made from old table clothes. I bet I could get some at Goodwill for a good price. I even think I have some of the poles I could use with it!

Indoor tents - for kids or adults! Love this - a fun fort or reading nook

DIY Holiday Gift Guide! - And Then She Saved When I have my own place I'm going to have a reading tent just like this one.

We're loving this heaping pile of star pillows - great reading and cuddling space!

What a cute idea. I always lobbed blankets over the clothesline when I was a kid to create my own little world - even slept there a few times. Never thought about re-creating it as an adult...