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Actually a dog sweater, but I think this lamb is adorable! (via Why I Love Knitting / lamb in a sweater!


This sheep is dancing a happy jig. What makes you so happy you'd dance a happy jig? Explain at least three things that make you deliriously happy.

Ha it's like driving thru thick snow!

I thought at first that it was a photo of a snowfall onto a rocky, lumpy field! OMG, they are SHEEP!" She said:::"in Scotland.I've been stopped on rural Scottish roads many times by flocks of sheep. It teaches you patience!


Cropper was found in the street injured and ill (toxoplasmosis), and nursed back to health by this man’s patience, love and determination. Not strong enough to return to the wild, Cropper spends very happy days with his human friend.

And out Yorkie, Lilo. We need to buy her a pair of knickers or a string!

Funny pictures about Deliciously adorable. Oh, and cool pics about Deliciously adorable. Also, Deliciously adorable.

Newborn lamb.. #SuddenlySpring

ive always wanted a lamb.My great Grandma had a pet lamb.on the farm and there are many pictures of she and the lamb.this is probably the closest I will ever get.

Baby bats ♥ ♥ (^◎^)

Funny pictures about Bats in blankets. Oh, and cool pics about Bats in blankets. Also, Bats in blankets photos.

Oswald Cobblepot, the early years.....

Cute Animals and Baby Animal Pics - Cute n Tiny Baby penguin baby animals Lovely sheep family

ペンギンさん、もう大丈夫だよ。このセーターを着てみて | roomie(ルーミー)


Penguin sweaters, also known as penguin jumpers, are sweaters which are knitted for penguins that have been caught in oil slicks. When an oil spill affects penguins, they are dressed in knitted sweaters to stop them preening their feathers and to .

"Just living is not enough...one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
-Hans Christian Anderson

Little flower - fine lamb photography (and so farm fresh) 8x8 hard backed

little flower fine lamb photography and so farm by YesandAmen, reminds me of Grammies