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Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff, Wales | The "Doctor Who" Superfan's Guide To Britain. - "Roald Dahl Plass is the site of a spatial-temporal rift in Cardiff, appears several times throughout the series. It’s also the locations of Torchwood Three headquarters in the spin-off series."

Just click on the link and read it, you'll thank us (meaning the person that I pinned this from and the person who wrote it) later! This is the most plausible and intelligent theory about River somehow surviving after The Name of the Doctor that I have ever read and it's now my new Head-Canon. Trust me, just read it!!! *this is brilliant <--Exactly what they said! Oh god I hope it's true. I love River!

Took em long enough to let us figure this out

Food spread from my Doctor Who party - omg the Cassandra pizza is a MUST. Hysterical!

[gifset] The Doctor's Daughter #DoctorWho

Is the Doctor telepathically bonding with another machine? Hope the TARDIS isn’t the jealous type (40) #DoctorWho #DrWho #BTS #BehindTheScenes #whovian #fandom

Doctor Who III Art Print


Doctor Who Tardis Personalized Custom Pillowcase by RKGracePrints, #doctor who #wedding #pillowcase

TARDIS Door Cling

Billie Piper

Colin Baker. Picture by ARM Images.

Doctor Who - River Song's Timeline in Chronological Order of events. I need to show Andrew

Doctor Who Chess Set that's stored in a Tardis-shaped case. Daleks, Cybermen, K-9 pawns, etc. Brilliant. Allons-y!

Craft with Bee: Silhouette Sunday - Doctor Who Bookmarks

#24 in this list is the best 9th Doctor .gif EVER