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    70%. #Feminism


    Too young #Feminism

    Sexism goes both ways. Feminism helps both.


    feminism #riotgrrrl #riot #feminism

    Well, that's an interesting, horrifying, and yet not unexpected statistic.

    #feminism #slutshaming

    This Afghan woman was maimed by her fiancée when she refused to marry him. Tell me that we don't need feminism.


    Shed your weight problem here...

    Emma Watson on #feminism in the UN #heforshe campaign. #quote #ImagineActLead #UVaWomensCenter

    This is why we need feminism

    42% #Feminism For my February silent program

    Preach! #Feminism February Silent Program

    This is why #Feminism

    "I remember when I was doing "Rent" and I was too thin, and I was doing that on purpose because I’m dying, I’m a HIV+ drug addict. I remember having to eat raw food and doing all this work to make sure I could stay thin… And I remember everyone asking me when I was doing press for the movie, “what did you do to get so thin? You looked great!” and I’m like, “I looked emaciated.” It’s a form of violence in the way that we look at women and how we expect them to look and be, for… what’s sake? Not health, not survival, not enjoyment of life, but just so that you can look ‘pretty’. I’m constantly telling girls all the time, “everything’s airbrushed, everything’s retouched, to the point of just that it’s never even asked, and none of us look like that.” - Rosario Dawson #feminism #bodypolicing #equality

    this is why i'm hot.

    I am a woman not a womb. #feminism #prochoice Also, when we are valued only for our wombs, where does that leave those of us without reproductive capabilities? Without value? Danger! Danger!