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70%. #Feminism

Idea of a perfect woman, is really just a bunch of different woman adding together to create the ideal woman in a man's eyes

ah, yes.

This is why we need feminism


This Afghan woman was maimed by her fiancée when she refused to marry him. Tell me that we don't need feminism.

Well, that's an interesting, horrifying, and yet not unexpected statistic.

feminism #riotgrrrl #riot #feminism

"I need feminism because society teaches us "DON'T GET RAPED" rather than "DON'T RAPE""

"42% of 1 - 3 grade girl. What a messed up world this is.


Shed your weight problem here...

Preach! #Feminism February Silent Program

"I need feminism because 'Who hired a stripper?' shouldn't be the first thing said when I'm at a welding job."

sad that people think that feminism means 'hating men' or 'thinking women are better than men' when really it just means 'women are as cool and as smart as men'


"My feminism will be intersectional or it is not true feminism.

what rape is caused by - even in something as despicable as sexual assault, men are sometimes given the benefit of bias and (intended or not) sexism.

"Someone has to work harder."

“Until we stop assuming that women are bad if they have sex with someone they don’t know, don’t love, or aren’t married to, we will never be a modern democracy with equal protection under the law.” -Marianne Mollmann