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Ben Tanaka must face his relationship issues when his girlfriend reveals that she’s moving to the opposite coast to pursue an internship. We are quickly swept up in Ben’s uncertainty with himself and must go for a ride as he begins seeking a white girlfriend.

When it comes to seeking advice about relationships, marriage, and sex, we tend to look in all the wrong places. Everywhere we turn, we're promised pleasure and happiness, but we're left feeling hurt and empty. The world claims to have the answers, but maybe we've been asking the wrong questions all along. In our series Meant to Be, we'll have open conversations and uncover the Bible’s best kept secrets about sex, marriage, and being single.

Geometric construction of phi, the golden ratio, by Bengt Erik Erlandsen. The line BC thus expresses the following embedded phi relationships: BE = DC = (√5-1)/2+1 = (√5+1)/2 = 1.618 … = Phi BD = EC = (√5-1)/2 = 0.618… = phi

Disclaimer: There are graphic descriptions of violence in this article Someone please, I beg you, help me understand!! I'm desperate to make sense of ho


Literary Agent Spotlight: Mark Gottlieb of Trident Media Group

He is seeking: In fiction, he seeks Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Comics, Graphic novels, Historical, History, Horror, Literary, Middle Grade, Mystery, Thrillers and New adult. In nonfiction, he seeks Arts, Cinema, Photography, Biography, Memoir, Self-help, Sports, Travel, World cultures, True crime, Mind/Body/Spirit, Narrative Nonfiction, Politics, Current affairs, Pop culture, Entertainment, Relationships, Family, Science, Technology.