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    Push-up ice cream treat

    Screwball ice cream: vanilla ice cream with colored gumball in the bottom of the plastic cup

    My mom used to buy us these little boxes of Animal Crackers when we would go grocery shopping with her

    Ice pops

    Sun In - and sun light - and you'll be blonder tonight!

    Otter Pops!

    Nostalgia Time: Revisiting The Past. Fun Chicken! I remember this!! Why doesn't this exist anywhere now!!?

    Best. Ice. Cream. Ever. They definitely need to bring these back!

    How many licks does it take?

    have always loved these

    How She-Ra was the O.G. badass. | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand- one of my favorite toys!

    Candy Sticks - These were a childhood favorite.

    Drive-in memories.... those were the days!!!

    I loved this thing when I was really little!


    1990 Things From The 90s To End The Nostalgia Once And For All

    Pudding Pops. Yum!

    I loved these as a kid!

    Loved these guys

    Push-A-Point Pencils